Get Hoppy

Food for your thoughts (about us)

Based out of  Colorado,  Hoppiness Salve Co offers  “Food for your skin”.  Our lead chef is passionate about food and the creative brewing poured into every meal.   Using the same care we prepare each salve to delight your skin.  Our salves start with locally grown hops and natural food ingredients.  All ingredients are fresh and ready to be consumed and loved by your skin.  This literally is a food based product and it is important to treat it as such.  The hops are a natural preservative but we recommend keeping the product out of the sun and below 70 degf.  Hoppiness Salve Co features three signature products that contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients.     Hops are legal and typically used in brewing beer but offer many wonderful topical therapeutic qualities.  Our product can be distributed and sold everywhere.  We use and recycle all of our shipping material and walk your order to the post office.  Everything counts right?  Contact us if you are interested in retailing Hoppiness Salves.  We can provide product by the case.  Find us on Facebook or Insta